VIM Whitepaper


VIM - Virtual Influencer Mining
We are active to be fans of many influencers. They’re gathering our attention and exerting influence, and they’re getting a lot of economic benefits.But the reward for the actions as fans that we give them has not been made. Obviously not all of us created fandom for financial rewards, but most of the participants are committed to the lower classes of many social media platforms based on created content like YouTube.
In the past, our team has created and operated a platform that measures the actual value of influencers and connects them directly with advertisers to carry out large-scale campaigns.
The project was a half success and half failure. The success factor was that there were many advertiser’s needs in this industry and the failure factor was that many influencers didn’t keep their promises when they were linked to contracts.In addition to the lessons learned from this project and the technical benefits of blockchain, we have further expanded and changed the platform perspective. Rather than using those who have already become influencers, we focused more on the process of making them become influencers by supporting those who wish to become influencers. And we want to break down this set of activities and the reward for each of them, create a system, and incorporate them into diverse categories.
In order to proceed with this initiative, our team decided to target virtual humans. Virtual humans all start on equal terms, each has a special identity, and their activities and contractual relationships are transparent.
We can contribute to the process through contracts for their support activities because many virtual humans strive to become virtual influencers.
Users can also learn the details of these activities from the VIM ecosystem and obtain distributed rewards.
The fact that this decentralized structure and rewarding system, which has been impossible for us in the traditional Web2.0 system, can be reliably carried out in the Web3.0 system, and unlike most blockchain projects which are lack of having external inflow of funds, the structure of the VIM ecosystem connected to the real economy can be welcomed by many people who are willing to invest for blockchain and cryptocurrency.
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