VIM Whitepaper

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VIM allows users to seamlessly sell and trade assets in cryptocurrency. To make this possible, VIM assets exist as tokens.
Vanter and Rainbow Goggles (Roggles) are required to start VIM. Roggles are an necessary item to find quests that support vanters, and vanter is the subject of performing quests, so one or more vanter and a pair of roggles are essential.
- Each vanter has its own unique appearance, and the level and status varies as the quest progresses
- Vanter is a NFT containing grade, level, and status information and can be traded among users.
- Roggles increases the rewards of vanter through level-up and upgrade.
- In Phase 1, a new vanter is registered for each specific period, and there are differences in competency between grades.
Vanter is available in a Binance NFT marketplace and V-market, and roggles are available in V-market.