🚩VIM's story

Quest to Earn using social media - Virtual Influencer Mining

VIM is a Quest to Earn ecosystem that enables ecosystem participants to support creators operating in the digital world with Vanter and earn rewards. Through VIM, you can increase the awareness of creators who wish to become KOL. Many beginner creators are all potential clients of VIM, and partnerships with them can share greater rewards with VIM participants. These activities will ultimately enable VIM participants to obtain a VIZ TOKEN.

VIM is the first blockchain ecosystem to link the virtual world with real economic activities. Users can navigate and perform quests for creators through their own Vanter.

Many creators are still being born these days. They have to engage in fierce competition with other creators who have already started ahead. Users can work with vanter to do marketing activities for supporting creators. Users will mine VIU tokens as much as they have contributed to selecting the quests of their favorite creators and making them influencers through various supporting activities.

As the ecosystem expands, VIM aims to be a project linked to a blockchain ecosystem that encompasses games, e-commerce, performances, and social media.


Through the support of Zimmer (those who wish to become KOL), We create a fair ecosystem where we can grow together and receive the rewards that we deserve.


We build a new marketing platform, not the old-fashioned, centralized marketing methods. Through DeFi participants who systematically learn professional supporting activities with creative outcomes.


We aim to create values as a transparent blockchain-based Web3.0 ecosystem in which all participants can receive rewards in combination with the real economy.

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