#️Create to Earn

We support various creator’s social media such as Youtube, Twitter, Instagram, and Tiktok, and in return for supporting them with supporting activities, we can compensate for VIU according to vanter’s level and stat figures.

The stamina and statistics that vanter has determines the energy to perform the quest. The energy held by the vanter will be deducted from the quest, and if the energy held is less than the energy required for the quest, the quest will no longer be possible. (Energy is refreshed 24 hours after the quest is found. ) The quest must be completed within 12 hours of finding the quest. Usually, a single vanter can complete the quest within one to two hours a day.

Additional desks also allow you to add up to nine vanters per day, allowing you to work and pay up to 9 hours per day.

As the ecosystem expands and the number of vanter summoned to Earth increases, VIM becomes part of a powerful marketing platform in the real world. Governance members can also have a real, big impact as they plan and direct the quests to be undertaken by many vanters.

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