Collaborators for users

You can generate a profit through your favorite creators(Zimmer) supporting activities with vanter.

Vanter, which exists in virtual space, is acquainted with all crators and it is a main NFT in VIMโ€™s ecosystem. You can summon vanter to Earth and use these features of vanter to perform a quest to support creators. As the quest progresses, the experience on Earth increases and the level of the vanter increases accordingly. In addition, the rewards that users receive during the quest depend on the level and level combination of vanter and roggles. Therefore, we need to work on the strategic management of vanterโ€™s status, as well as the rating and level-up of roggles. vanters and roggles are NFTs, and users can rent and sell them in the market and summon vanter to Earth.(vanter rentals will be available TBD)

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