VIM Whitepaper

Vanter's STAT

Stats are the five detailed capabilities that distinguish the characteristics of the vanter. The allocation value of the stat determines the energy available to work and the type of quest. The stat distribution value of level 1 is automatically distributed by a total of 5 stats, 1 for each stats, and points are received from 5 to 10 when leveling up according to the rank of the vanter, and users can be distributed to the stat of the vanter.

Type of stats

- Stamina: When the vanter performs the quest, it determines the total amount of energy required.
[arithmetic equation Energy = ROUNDDOWN((5+ Stamina Stat /7)*10*(1-0.1*Level of stress),0]
Depending on the stamina stat, the number of quests that users are offered may also vary.
[arithmetic equation] quantity of proposed quests = ROUND((5+Stamina Stat/7)*1.5*(1-0.1*level of stress),0]
- Sociality: A state that determines whether the result of a question performed by a vanter can empathize with other users.
- Creativity: stat that gives the originality of the quest written by vanter.
- Organizing: The ability to create content in a logical structure.
- Artistry: It's not just a content, it's a stat that provides the beauty of writing, photography, and video clip.
Each stat has a distributable limit value per level. For example, a level 2 vanter cannot be distributed more than 5 in one stat.
[arithmetic equation] maximum distribution value per level (Threshold) = (LEVEL-1)*3+2
Stat weight The quests performed by the vanter are weighted to each of the four stats, and are set differently for each type of question. The weight for each quest type set in this way is multiplied by the distribution value for each stat in the vanter to calculate the weight increase, and the sum of the weight increases is a factor that determines the reward of the quest. Weight history and quest compensation formulas by quest type will not be disclosed.
Initializing stats Stats allocated to vanter can be initialized for a fee, and the cost depends on the number of initializations and the level of the vanter. Stat initialization is possible only 10 times, regardless of the level of Banter, and can be done from level 4 of Banter. Initialization cost
(VIZ) = (Vanter level-3)*6*Vanter level*number of initialization^2