Seizy Kim Founder, CEO Leading international teams Entrepreneur for over 20 years in IT industry

Jason Lee CTO Specialized in blockchain architect & Security 15 years in IT industry

Elliott Thornhill CMO University of Oxford, Bachelor of Economics Specialized in PR plan and Viral marketing

Insik Bae Observer Founder of GOM TV EX - Samsung co.LTD

Bruce Yeon COO Specialized in web3 product planning 15 years in IT industry

William Yang CFO Meiji Univ. Bachelor of Economics, Tokyo, Japan MBA on corporate strategy Oxford, UK

Kylin Creative Director Specialized in UI/UX design

Sky Sim 3D Director Specialized in 3D design 20 years experience

Jack Yeo Director of development Specialized in web3 programming

Charlie kim Director of Operations Specialized in operating IT platform 8 years experience

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