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Vanter can be offered a quest through roggles every day. vanter is offered a number of quests equal to 1.5 times the amount of energy it can do with its stamina stat. vanter can select from the proposed quests to complete the quest and receive experience values and VIU or items as a reward. The user can perform the quest based on the selection of the proposed quests, and the unselected quests will be proposed twice (three times in total). Among the three proposed quests, those that are not performed will be automatically extinguished afterwards. Number of quest proposals = ROUND((5+Stamina Stat/7)*1.5*(1-0.1*Stress Level),0) Once the quest has been found using roggles, it cannot be reused for 12 hours. The daily quests for each Vanter level are as follows. The quest can only be performed within 12 hours of running the first quest found in the desk you have. If 12 hours have passed, the quest is considered not to have been performed. If you complete the quest and upload proof of it, you will be deemed to have completed the mission and will be rewarded. Some quests may not be paid immediately. However, quest rewards completed in an inappropriate way will be collected later and penalties will be imposed. If the quest is completed in an inappropriate way, the penalty for this is as follows. 1st caught: Warning
2nd Caught: 10% reduction in quest rewards for a month
3rd Caught: 30% reduction in quest rewards over a month
4th Caught: 50% reduction in quest rewards over a month
5th Caught: 70% reduction in quest rewards over a month
Over 6th Caught: 70% reduction in quest rewards for 6 months