VIM Whitepaper

Vanter Species & Grade

In order to summon vanter, the user fills all the summoning power and then uses the summoning gems of the two vanters to summon a new vanter to Earth.
The first 100,000 vanters teleported to Earth are all common grade, but subsequent vanter subpoenaed are each summoned to five classes according to a certain probability. vanter grades are divided into common, expert, master, grand-master, and hero. In addition to the difference in appearance, there is a difference in the amount of increase in stat points when leveling up.
- Common VANTER : 5-stat points/lev-up
- Expert VANTER : 6-stat points/lev-up
- Master VANTER : 7-stat points/lev-up
- Grand-Master VANTER : 8-stat points/lev-up
- Hero VANTER : 10-stat points/lev-up
*The rating of the VANTER cannot be changed.