Contents Schedule

Phase 1(2022 ~ 2023)

VIM World Service will provide the following content items.

  • NFT Minting

  • Additional vanter providing : In terms of launching, There will be additional vanters rather than Salley and Ted

  • Beta-launch

  • Marketplace : Roggles and item transaction

  • Roggles upgrade

  • Promotion for virtual humans

    Establishing quest and compensation plan for marketing purpose partnership with various virtual human manufacturers

Phase 2(2024 ~)

VIM World will perform large-scale additional updates at the time the vanterโ€™s max level occurs.

  • Vanter's learning : Provide distinctions for vanter to earn additional rewards on specific SNS

  • Decorating the workspace (add items to improve the efficiency of the workspace)

  • Lease and purchasing system on workspace

  • Marketplace expansion : Additional rental service for roggles and vanter

  • Taxation with space rent : Income tax, possession tax

  • Additional Items


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